Faculty of Business Studies & Finance

FQAC – Terms of Reference


The internal Quality Assurance Cell of the Faculty of Business Studies & Finance has the mandate to create a culture that seeks to continually improve the quality of all academic and other activities in the Faculty. Quality Assurance activities at the Faculty level shall be managed by Faculty Quality Assurance Cells (FQACs).

The FQAC composition and meetings

The FQAC shall comprise of ;

  1. Dean
  2. Heads of Departments
  3. Chairperson of the Faculty Curriculum & Academic Development Committee
  4. Chairperson of the Faculty Teaching & Learning Committee
  5. Chairperson of the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee
  6. Chairperson of the Faculty Research & publication Committee
  7. The cadre Chair Professor in each Department in the Faculty
  8. one (1) senior Lecturer or above representing each of the Department
  9. Directors of Board of Studies
  10. The administrative officer (SAR or AR) assigned to the Faculty
  11. One (1) Technical Officer / Management Assistant selected from the non-academic staff of the Faculty
  12. Two (2) student representatives were selected by the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (one undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • The administrative officer (SAR or AR) assigned to the Faculty shall serve as the secretary to the FQAC.
  • Any other officers of the University shall be invited to attend the meetings of the FQAC as invitees whenever necessary.
  • Coordinator of the FQAC: The coordinator of the FQAC shall be appointed among its members (excluding the Dean)