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Welcome to the Department of Accountancy

The department of accountancy, one of the key player in academic accounting education in Sri Lanka, offers a sparkling prospects for those who follow a career in accounting and its disciplines. With a short history dating back to 2001, the department is full of remarkable accomplishments which have redefined and prolonged the frontiers of accounting education in Sri Lanka.

The comprehensive methodology to accounting education by Department of Accountancy brands its graduates knowledgeable with not just technicalities of accounting but also wider developmental in sprouting socio-economic contexts. Furnished with the latest advances in Accounting,IT and other related felds, Department of Accountancy is dignified to discover new arenas to produce creative and enriched graduates with KAS( knowledge, Attitudes and Skills) for employment, both locally and globally  while providing thought leadership in accounting education in Sri Lanka.


“An Assured future for all Sri Lankans and a prosperous society through learning”


“The department will ensure the provision of high-quality accountancy education and training towards optimum utilization, control and development of resources that; raise achievement reduces disparity leads to opportunities”

Message from the Head of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Accountancy website. Accounting was one of the earliest business programmes offered by the Wayamba University after its establishment in 2001. Currently, the Department offers the BSc in Accountancy and Business Finance Degree .
The Department is committed to providing quality accounting programmes aimed at whole-person business education. Our academic staff have received doctoral training with relevant work experience in Accounting and its related fields, and most have professional qualifications in the discipline of accountancy. They are actively involved in research, with interests in financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, international accounting, accounting education, taxation and corporate governance.

Broad knowledge, professional skills and dynamic pedagogy are emphasised in our teaching and learning activities. Our accounting programmes have been accredited by professional accounting bodies such as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICASL), and Institute of Certified Management Accountants (CMA). Our graduates are ready to work in any organization with managerial capacity such as professional accounting firms, financial institutes, business firms, governmental and nonprofit organisations in Sri Lanka, and can pursue continuing studies at advanced levels.

This website will provide you with detailed information about the programmes, people, teaching and learning activities of the Department. Any comments or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

MoUs & Accreditations

MoU with Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

The Accreditation of BSc. in Accountancy and Business Finance Degree Programme by CFA

(MoU) with the AIA Insurance Lanka PLC

MoU with Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (CMASL)