Department of English Language Teaching

Head’s Message

Mr. M.K.S.M. Samaranayake
Head of the Department, Senior Lecturer

Welcome to the Department of English Language Teaching!

The Department of English Language Teaching (DELT) operates as a service department within the Faculty of Business Studies and Finance. Its primary mission is to provide an extensive selection of progressive courses aimed at enhancing the English language proficiency of both undergraduate students and the broader community.

The DELT prides itself on exemplifying excellence in teaching, achieved through the implementation of innovative, authentic, and communicative pedagogical methods. These approaches foster the mastery of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English as a Second Language.

A key aspect of the department’s vision is to empower students, enabling them to transform into knowledgeable and creative graduates. With bolstered self-confidence, these individuals are better prepared to succeed as professionals and critical thinkers within the ever-evolving job market. As a result of the commitment to forward-thinking education, the DELT continues to make significant contributions in equipping students and the community with the linguistic tools necessary for future success.

Historical Background

The Department of English Language Teaching (DELT) at Wayamba University has a rich history that traces its origins back to the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) of the North Western Province Affiliated University College (NWP AUC) and the Wayamba Campus of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.

During the time of NWP AUC, the ELTU made its first significant strides with the appointment of Mr. K.M. Dissanayake and Ms. R.M.S. Ramanayake as the pioneering instructors on 10.03.1995. Notably, Mr. Dissanayake’s contributions extended beyond ELTU, as he was appointed to the UGC Inter-University Committee on Teaching English on 20.02.1998.

The ELTU played a vital role in conducting the GELT (Pre-University General English Language Teaching) programme for students selected from the North Western Province to attend the national universities of Sri Lanka. However, this responsibility came to an end in 2003 when the UGC abolished the GELT programme.

With the establishment of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka on 01.10.1999, the ELTU underwent a transformation. It became a common academic support unit under the direct purview of the Vice-Chancellor, extending its services to the faculties located at Kuliyapitiya and Makandura premises and establishing two separate ELTUs at Kuliyapitiya and Makandura with two separate coordinators to man the units.

To bolster its teaching capacity, the units recruited three permanent instructors in 2001 (Mr. MKSM Samaranayake, Ms. WSA Fernando & Ms. WMC Fernando), followed by another in 2005 (Mr. EMHJ Edirisinghe). The contributions made by them are significant in developing ELTUs in different ways. Notably, four out of the six instructors earned promotions to the post of lecturer after obtaining their postgraduate qualifications in 2010.

On 21.12.2017, a significant development occurred when the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) underwent an upgrade and was officially established as the Department of English Language Teaching (DELT). This transformation was carried out in accordance with the amendment to the order of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka under section 27(1) of the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978.

DELT became an integral part of the Faculty of Business Studies and Finance after its upgrade. Leading the newly established department was Dr. K.M. Dissanayake, who assumed the role of the first Head of the Department.

With a focus on expanding its human resources to further enhance its academic offerings, the department took the initiative to recruit three lecturers (probationary) in 2019 (Ms. WMCA Wickramasinghe, Ms. PDSN Dissanayake & Ms. PWRC Wijenayaka). And another in 2020 (Ms. APLP Abesooriya), solidifying its commitment to providing quality education and support in the realm of English language teaching.

Throughout its evolution, DELT has continued to demonstrate a commitment to English language education, providing valuable support to students and faculties alike at the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.


The vision of the DELT is to be a premier English language teaching centre in the higher education sector of Sri Lanka.


The DELT is on the mission to enhance the language proficiency of undergraduates by providing them with a wide assortment of teaching and learning opportunities that;

  • foster listening, speaking, reading, writing and soft skills with great mastery through an effective modus operandi,
  • inspire students to become dynamic partakers in academic, social and professional communes, and

facilitate human resources development with effective communication skills to meet national development needs.