Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

01. What is the vision of the faculty?

To be the center of excellence in management education

02. What is the mission of the faculty?

To develop intellectual, ethical and socially responsible human capital through management education, innovative research and outreach programmes to the sustainable development and wellbeing of the society

03. What are the departments available in the faculty?

  1. Department of Accountancy
  2. Department of Banking & Finance
  3. Department of Business Management
  4. Department of Insurance & Valuation
  5. Department of English Language and Teaching

04. Who is the Dean of the faculty?

Professor S.K. Gamage

05. What is the contact number of Assistant Registrar?


06. What is the Selection Criteria for Specialized Degree Programmes?

After completion of the Level 1 coursework, students are selected for four specialised degree programmes, where the subjects relating to the specialised areas will be the key focus. Therefore, subjects coming under specialised areas will mostly be offered by the respective Department. With the implementation of the 1+3 programme structure (Level 1 common + 3 Levels specialised), a selection criterion has been introduced. This is to ensure that =students reap the advantage of the unique specialising areas offered by the Faculty.

07. What are the clusters available in the Department of Accountancy?

  1. Accountancy Cluster
  2. Business Finance Cluster

08. What are the available of classes?

  1. First Class Honours
  2. Second Class (Upper Division) Honours
  3. Second Class (Lower Division) Honours

09. What is the Effective Date of the Degree?

The effective date of the Degree shall be the date of submission of the completed Research Project as specified by the Faculty.

10. Who is the Senior Student Counselor at Kuliyapitiya Premises?

Dr. (Ms.) WADKJ Wanigasekara -Senior Lecturer, Department of Accountancy