Lakmal, W.A.I., and Jayamali, M.A.C.

12Department of Banking and Finance, Faculty of Business Studies and Finance, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka

lakmalwai@wyb.ac.lk, chathurikajayamali830@gmail.com

DOI: 10.57075/jaf912204


The COVID-19 epidemic that transpired in year 2020 became a new chapter in human history, and this has had an impact on consumer behavior. Even so, Sri Lankan consumers still feel insecure to use online shopping activities through internet devices, with the uncontrollable spread of COVID – 19, Sri Lankan consumers also have transposed their traditional buying behaviour and they have moved towards online shopping activities notably. Because online shopping can be considered as an important tool to maintain social distance, stay at home during pandemic situation and to protect from viruses. Therefore, the objective of carrying out thisresearch study is to identifying the factors affecting to move consumer behaviour towards online shopping during the COVID – 19 pandemic with special reference to Gampaha District. This study has used five independent factors such as health factor, security factor, price factor, convenience factor and product factor. This study used primary data gathered from 140 consumers who are using online shopping during COVID –19 pandemic, representing two divisional secretary divisions as Gampaha and Negombo. The convenience sampling method was used to choose consumers who purchase online, and the purposive sampling method was utilized to collect data from respondents with more knowledge and experience with online purchasing during the COVID – 19 epidemic. The researcher used four (04) months to complete this research work successfully. Reliability analysis, frequency analysis, descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, and regression analysis used to analyze data obtained through an online questionnaire. The main analysis method was regression analysis and as per the results of regression analysis, all independent factors such as health factor, security factor, price factor, convenience factor and product factor have a statistically significant impact on movements of consumer behaviour towards online shopping through the pandemic situation. Therefore, the researcher can recommend that consumers have moved towards online shopping after considering health factors, security factors, price factors, convenience factors and product factors.

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