Mrs. DHSW Dissanayake
Department of Accountancy, Faculty of Business Studies and Finance, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Kuliyapitiya. 60200

Mrs. DHSW Dissanayake

Senior Lecturer - Grade II

Academic Qualifications

  • Reading for Ph.D. in Management (Finance), University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  • M.Sc. in Applied Finance, University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  • B.Com (Special) Second Class Honours Degree, University of Colombo

Professional Qualifications

  • Passed Finalist of CIMA

Scholarships/ Awards/ Medals

  • Second Runner Up & Peoples Choice Award at National Pitching Research Competition organised by Postgraduate Institute of Management in collaboration with SPiR2eS Global Pitching Research Competition (IGPRC). › inspir2es › end-of-2021

Administrative Contribution

  • Head, Department of Accountancy (2018-2019)

Teaching Interests

  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Research Methodology

Research Interests

  • Corporate Governance
  • Sustainability
  • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Environmental Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Bibliometric Analysis
  • Spirituality

Research Publication

Book chapters

Dissanayake, D.H.S.W., Dissabandara, D.B.P.H. and Ajward A.R. (2021).  Compliance of Listed Companies with Codes of Corporate Governance and Impact on Corporate Performance: Evidence from Sri Lanka. New Horizons in Management, Leadership and Sustainability.

Indexed Journal

Dissanayake D.H.S.W., Dissabandara D.B.P.H. and Ajward A.R. (2020). Conceptualization between corporate governance and firm financial performance. International Journal of Accounting and Business Finance.

Kumari, R. S. P. D., Dissanayake, D. H. S. W., & Deshika, N. P. T. (2021). The impact of financial literacy on business performance in small and medium enterprises: evidence from Kegalle District in Sri Lanka. International Journal of Accounting and Business Finance, 7(2).

Iddagoda, A., Abraham, R., Abeysinghe, R., & Dissanayake, H. (2022). Religiosity as a Predictor of Job Performance among Sri Lankan Military Officers: The Mediating Role of Employee Engagement. Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, 22(1), 36-53.

Dissanayake, D. H. S. W., Dam, L. B., Potharla, S., & Bhayani, S. J. (2022). Mapping the corporate governance research in BRICS economies-a bibliometric analysis. Journal of Commerce & Accounting Research, 11(2).

International Refereed Journals and International Conference Proceedings

International Refereed Journals

Dissanayake D.H.S.W. , Dissabandara D.B.P.H. and Ajward A.R. (2018). Impact of Compliance with Principles on Board Of Directors and Corporate Performance: Empirical Evidence From Sri Lankan Listed Companies. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies. 05(02).

Fernando, L. R. D., Dissanayake, D. H. S. W., & Mendis, M. O. S. (2021). The Impact of Corporate Governance on Dividend Policy: An Empirical Evidence from Listed Companies in Sri Lanka. Journal Homepage: https://journals. kln. ac. lk/sajf, 1(1), 35-47.

Dissanayake, D. H. S. W., Dissabandara, D., & Ajward, A. R. (2021). An Evaluation of the Compliance of Sri Lankan Listed Companies with Corporate Governance Principles and Best Practices. Journal of Emerging Financial Markets and Policy. 01 (01), ISSN 2783-8652.

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Samarasekara, U., Deshika, N. P. T., & Dissanayake, D. H. S. W. (2022). Impact of COVID-19 on the Performance of the Tourism Sector in Sri Lanka: A Balanced Scorecard Approach. South Asian Journal of Tourism and Hospitality, 2(1).

Gurugamage, S. R., Ramanayake, M. N., Iddagoda, A., & Dissanayake, D. H. S. W. (2022). Mediating role of employee engagement on the relationship between workplace spirituality and employee job performance. Three Seas Economic Journal, 3(2), 1-12.

Iddagoda, A., & Dissanayake, H. (2022). The Intervening Effect of Employee Engagement on The Relationship Between High-Performance Work Practices and Employee Job Performance. Three Seas Economic Journal, 3(2), 13-20.

Iddagoda, A., Dissanayake, H., & Ranasinghe, L. (2022). Employee engagement system: Empirical evidence from the Sri Lankan banking sector. Three Seas Economic Journal, 3(1), 1-11.

Local Refereed Journals and Local Conference Proceedings

Local Refereed Journals

Dissanayake, D.H.S.W., and Kumara, U.E.S. (2014). Macroeconomic Determinants of Stock Return: A Case in Sri Lanka. Journal of Accountancy & Finance. 01(02).

Lakmali, P.G.N., Dissanayake, D.H.S.W, Mendis, M.O.S. (2021). The Effect of Corporate Governance on Corporate Sustainability Disclosures: Empirical Evidence from Sri Lanka, Journal of Annual Research Symposium in Management. 01 (02).