Bachelor of Science Honors in Business Management Degree Programme


The Aims of the Programme

This programme aims to set Business Management in a broader social science framework to:

  • Inculcate an in-depth knowledge and understanding in management concepts, theories, models and paradigms with those of other management related disciplines from both theoretical and practical perspectives
  • Expose the students to the modern management practices at local and global space for infixing the abilities to analyses the relationships among academic body of knowledge and their applications
  • Equip the students with wide range of essential skills for overcoming the challenges encountering as a manager, leader, entrepreneur and also a human being
  • Embed the students the sense of need for life-long learning, continuous self-improvement and being innovative to upgrade their intellectual abilities for keep staying the forefront among modern managers by leading the change
  • Expand the students’ aptitudes for intentionally converting their skills acquired during the University life into competencies and core competencies within their career life in local or global organizational context
  • Build a firm base in students for achieving higher qualifications in the field of management studies
  • Develop the students as global citizens with a sense of the social responsibility, ethical behaviour, local and global legal/regulatory aspects, environmental sustainability and wellbeing of the humankind.

Programme Outcomes

After successful completion of the programme, a student will be able to:

  1. understand theories, principles, models and paradigms related to management and other supportive disciplines
  2. demonstrate the knowledge on complex relationships among managerial and business variables with an evidence-based approach and their integration into the modern management practices
  3. evaluate and interpret the management concepts, principles and models in the aspects of modern business management practices
  4. apply the management tools, techniques and models, to deliver solutions to business and management problems
  5. manage organizational complexities within uncertainty and ambiguity and assure the long-term survival and competitive position at local and global levels
  6. challenge conventional ideologies and assumptions with innovative solutions for complex issues in management practices and processes
  7. lead the change by foreseeing the future first and by understanding the industry discontinuities deeper than competitors
  8. demonstrate aptitude for enhancing current skills into competencies at the first instance of the career life
  9. demonstrate a personal value system and positive mind-set with priorities to social responsibility, ethical behaviour, environmental sustainability and serving the mankind
  10. imply the desire for upward mobility in the managerial positions through life-long learning and continuous self-improvement by engaging in higher education

The DBM with its uncompromising dedication will posture its graduates with four broad dimensions namely; Personal Development, Scholarly Advancement, Versatility, and Global Stewardship. The department will continually expand the frontiers of teaching and learning to create an academic environment where internally-recognized teaching and researching are equipped to respond the desires of global community. The ultimate definition of BScHons Business Management graduate will be then;

“A personally & scholarly advanced versatile graduate who is capable of global stewardship”

The DBM is determined that awardees of BSc. (Hons) in Business Management Degree Programme would possess following specific attributes under above four broad dimensions.

The following attributes represent the clusters of capabilities which the DBM seeks to foster in all its graduates through the teaching and learning experiences of its programme:

Key Attributes of the Graduate of Department of Business Management

Scholarly Advancement


Graduates of the DBM will possess sound understanding and application of the concepts, theories, principles, boundaries, traditions, trends, ethics & values in the field of business management and other related disciplines.


DBM graduates will be able to critically evaluate management phenomenon through researching and engage in life –long learning


DBM graduates will be able to combine separate ideas, beliefs and patterns to view the business entities in a holistic approach



DBM graduates will retain an appropriate blend of skills associated with management profession. They will be masters of managing resources towards achieving the expectations of stakeholders.


Graduates of DBM will be able to effectively communicate, negotiate, and act as a nerve centre of a business network through relationship management.


Graduates of DBM will be able to employ state-of-art technologies to manage business entities efficiently.


DBM graduates will be able to distinguish themselves as leaders and team members whenever appropriate.


DBM graduates will be able to respond quickly in an intelligent way, open to new experiences, seek changes and dealing with new challenges successfully.

Personal Development


DBM graduates shall have the ability to act and make decisions without being influenced by external forces.


DBM graduates will be exceptionally self-confident and resilient


DBM graduates will be good at finding ways of doing things and solving problems

Global Stewardship


DBM graduates will be good at finding ways of doing things and solving problems through social and ethical manner.


DBM graduates will essentially capable of harnessing the opportunities by generating creative, innovative and effective solutions for the global community.

Value driven

DBM graduates will be enthusiastically accepting unbeatable challenges of their career with a greater respect to the professional values

Eventually the graduate of the DBM who will earn the title of BScHons (Business Management) degree will be carrying the motto of;


The following tables provide an overview of the proposed curriculum.

Level 01