Department of Business Management

Welcome to the Department of Business Management


“To be the best and the most preferred academic Department for Business Management”


“We are committed to produce excellent graduates well equipped with thorough knowledge of Business Management, while continuously engaged in Business Management Research and Management Development”

To make these a reality, the Department of Business Management hopes to attribute undergraduate with;

  • An in-depth understanding in management concepts both from theoretical and practical perspectives.
  • The modern academic knowledge, skills, abilities and insights into the current practices of management in business organizations
  • Leadership, entrepreneurial skills and skills of communication and presentation
  • A range of competencies in understanding of and dealing with management issues in modern organizations
  • Firm base for further study on Business Management


DBM was institutionalized by the Extraordinary Gazette No. 1093/8 of August 17, in 1999 by the Ministry of Higher Education with the recommendation of the University Grant Commission of Sri Lanka. From the inception, DBM was the department responsible for offering the CP for all four degree programmes of the faculty in addition to the specialization programme offered in the field of Business Management. At present, the FBSF offers the CP courses while DBM continues offering the courses specialized in Business Management.

The DBM envisioned to be the best and the most preferred academic department for Business Management. This aim is expected to materialize through the mission of committing to produce excellent graduates well equipped with thorough knowledge in Business Management, while continuously engaged in Business Management Research and Management Development.

The DBM offers B.Sc. (Special) Degree in Business Management. This is a four-year duration programme and medium of instruction is English. This course extensively covers all aspects of Business Management, and produces around 200 graduates annually.

The prime aim of the B.Sc. (Special) Degree in Business Management is to offer the students a sound academic and professional background in Business Management enabling them to be excellent managers in business and other organizations in Sri Lanka and around the globe.

Message from the Head
Undergraduate Degree Programmes

Welcome to the Department of Business Management, Faculty of Business Studies and Finance, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. The field of management has revolutionized the world over the years passed by focusing the sustainable utilization of resources and fostering the human wellbeing. The modern society is heavily dependent upon organizations for its survival and prosperity. Management is the paramount organ of the modern institutions and it creates their performance while assure the long-term survival. Today management is inevitable not only for organizations but also for fostering social and family lives of people.

The Department of Business Management offers programmes at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The B.Sc. (Special) Degree in Business Management develops undergraduates with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and mind-set essential to be   effective managers in the local or global addition, for our well talented students, we open avenues for challenging opportunities of getting exposed to the real world problems of varying complexity by offering them a well monitored industrial training in their final year. We also encourage and empower our students to be visionary oriented, self-motivated, and to create their own start-up companies based on what they learn and develop within their stay in the department.

The postgraduate level courses in management offered by the Department cater the managers at public, corporate, non-profit oriented organizations and entrepreneurs to develop their competencies to be successful as corporate level managers. The Department’s major asset that is instrumental to achieve its objectives is the qualified, experienced, dedicated and motivated members of staff who are performing as a well cohesive team.

We welcome industrial partners for long-term research collaborations in management related areas with the hope of solving their managerial problems in a consistent way, which would be the key for them to maintain sustainability and competitiveness in the long-run. Moreover, we invite them to get hand in hand with the Department by offering training placements for our students to release them to the society as well qualified people with human qualities.

  1. B.Sc. (Honors) in Business Management

Programme Structure

The degree programme is structured in to two years of common programme (which is common for all the students of the faculty of Business Studies and Finance), and two years of specialized programme. Fundamental managerial courses are offered during the first two years while unique set of course units specially customized for business management discipline are delivered under last two years of study. The selection of students to the specialized programme is highly competitive and is based on the performance & the student’s preference.

  • Structure of the Common Programme

  • Structure of the Degree Programme (03rd Year and 04th Year)

  • Postgraduate Degree Programmes

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management Programme was commenced in the year 2005. This programme runs through one academic year.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

This is a Masters level programme for which the participants have to carry out a fulltime Management Research under the guidance of supervisors appointed by the University. They should attend to a series of advanced seminars and lectures.

  • External Degree Programme

The Department of Business Management offers the ‘Diploma in Business Management’ to cater to the long felt need of the Business sector in Sri Lanka The DBM is designed to 5 meet the challenges of global business environment. It provides the opportunity for the participants to practice conceptual, people and technical skills. This is a professional qualification for those staff attached and potential employees to the business sector in Sri Lanka. Aims and Objectives of the Diploma Business Management (DBM)

  • To provide an opportunity for participants with relevant working experience to gain a professional qualifications in Business Management.
  • To transmit advanced and up to date knowledge in management and related disciplines and enhance managerial capabilities of participants.
  • To improve necessary managerial skills highly applicable to upgrade the managerial competence of participants.
  • To develop the confident to take on challenging situations on the job and effectively play managerial roles in their respective organizations.
  • To encourage participants to identify problems and by means of research, to suggest solutions in order to ensure sustainable development in their respective disciplines and ultimately in the organization. This diploma course comprehensively covers all aspects of business management. This is a professional qualification for managerial staff functioning across all sectors of the industry.